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Our mission

HealthCity is dedicated to sharing the most cutting-edge news and ideas for advancing health equity, both locally and nationally. To do that, we elevate the voices of experts and innovators who are doing the work to close the racial disparity gaps every day. Through inspiring stories, in-depth Q&As with equity pioneers, research news that could change the medical landscape, and more, we aim to step forward from merely pointing out disparities—instead, showing models for how to address them.

At HealthCity, we believe that we must reimagine healthcare and build a system that allows all patients to thrive.

Our editorial team

Katie Dillon, Digital Editor, HealthCity

Caitlin White, Senior Content Manager, Boston Medical Center

About Boston Medical Center Health System

HealthCity is proudly hosted by Boston Medical Health System (BMCHS). Boston Medical Center (BMC) is committed to empowering all patients to thrive, through its innovative and equitable care. In addition to this commitment, its leadership in health equity, research, and teaching is driving the future of care. Read more about BMC.

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Building a better healthcare system is by definition a collective effort. HealthCity is open to partners and contributors of all kinds, and we welcome feedback, suggestions, ideas, and submissions from inside and outside the BMCHS community. To contact the editors, email healthcity@bmc.org.